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When your feet are out of alignment, excess strain is constantly being placed on your joints causing them to become unstable, not just the foot but your knees, hips and your back. This leads to premature and excessive wear that ultimately causes joint damage, pain and injury. Osteoarthritis, chronic injuries and body aches are often due to poor foot alignment. Even young children can benefit from orthotic control

Our orthotic arch support technology cushions and supports your foot as it gently lifts the arch into its proper position. Each orthotic is custom-made to fit your feet, weight, age and life style and adjusted to support you perfectly.

The sources and statistics vary, but they all agree that well over ninety percent of the population over pronates. Excessive pronation can lead to dozens of Biomechanically induced Musculo-Skeletal Pain throughout the entire body, correctly made foot orthotics provide great patient care in reducing the stress and strain of everyday living. Stretched or torn ligaments (plantar fascitis), and tendons leading to dozens of conditions such as bunions, hammer toes, bone spurs, plantar fascitis, heel and arch pain and many more "biomechanically induced musculo-skeletal problems" along the entire kinetic chain as one walks.

The BEST time to correct a child's structural alignment and cure "growing pains" is when your child's bones are still growing. Many parents bring in their children because they don't run well, or tire quickly, or because their child is in pain in their feet or legs. Correcting alignment problems before they become entrenched and cause greater problems later in life is what we prevent. Our orthotic arch support system will properly support your child's feet in a position that allows their bones and joints to glide evenly upon one another, avoiding the joint damage and injury all too commonly seen in adults. Prevention for children and young adults is the key. Proper foot funtion will allow them to run and engage in sports, including figure skating, with maximum stability for their feet for optimum results.

Our orthotics gently manipulate the foot's twenty six bones into a position that remains very close to their ideal supinated or "locked up" and stable position to prepare the foot for the impact forces generated at Heel Strike. Then as your weight and center of gravity progresses over your foot as it is flat on the ground our orthotics allow a controlled and subsequently non pathologic amount of pronation or unlocking of the bones of the foot to occur.

In summary, we simply allow the bones of the foot to do what they naturally do; support the body weight by locking into and amongst each other, thus naturally creating a stable structure. This is literally all we have to achieve with our orthotics because if the foot does not collapse too severely as the body's full weight passes directly over the foot, the natural inherent stability afforded by the bone architecture of the foot in itself will support the bodies full weight and directly influence and affect your walking positively by keeping all of the bones at and above the ankle in good alignment, thereby keeping all of the associated joints at and above the ankle in the center of their ranges of motion. This effect alone is enough to prevent injury and damage to the bones, joints and muscles of the entire kinetic chain and is the very reason why we so dramatically affect our patient's ankles, knees, hips and backs in a positive fashion.

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